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Policy Advisory Committee


MSU Denver's Policy Advisory Committee reviews administrative university policies for currency, clarity, and consistency with other internal and external rules, regulations, and requirements prior to enactment, revision, or archival of a policy. For more information, visit the "Roles and Responsibilities" section of the policy on policy.


The Policy Advisory Committee is a standing committee made up of the Chief University Officer or designee from each of the University’s main, functional areas responsible for overseeing administrative university policies. Policy stakeholders from each of the University’s shared governance organizations are also represented. The committee is facilitated by the policy administrator in the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance.

2017-2018 Membership

  • Alejandra Perez-Urkowski, Government Relations Manager
  • Anthony Grant, Director of Athletics
  • Bill Henry, Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs
  • Braelin Pantel, Associate Vice President for Student Engagement and Wellness
  • Brian Gunther, Representative, Classified Staff Council
  • Chad Harris, Associate Vice President for Curriculum and Academic Effectiveness
  • Deanne Pytlinski, Representative, Council of Chairs
  • Faith Fitzgerald, Representative, Council of Administrators
  • Greg Sullivan, Director of the Access Center
  • Jim Tisdale, Registrar
  • Jinous Lari, Director of Budget and Financial Planning
  • Joanne Bailey, Vice President, Faculty Senate
  • Joshua Gardner, President, Student Government Association
  • Joshua Mackey, Director of Human Resources
  • Lacey Hyde, Student Trustee
  • Liza Larsen, Director of Accounting Services
  • Megan Jones, Policy Administrator (Facilitator)
  • Michael Hart, Director of Information Technology Security
  • Nicholas Stancil, Deputy General Counsel
  • Tina Wells, Director of Facilities Planning
  • Velveta Howell, Interim Director of Equal Opportunity

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