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Water Association of Student Steward Urban Program

WASSUP is the student water education club available for all Auraria Campus students.

WASSUP aims to discuss and address the spectrum of regional and global water issues. The mission of the Water Association of Student Stewards Urban Program (W.A.S.S.U.P.) is to show tangible results of the educational benefits of the Water Studies Minor and Certificate provided by the One World One Water Center for Urban Water Education and Stewardship. Though the Minor and Certificate are currently for MSU students in the One World One Water Program, extracurricular activities like field trips and academic enrichment are tri-institutional for U.C.D, MSU, and CCD students.

WASSUP, Service, Award The WASSUP Club won the Martin Luther King Gold Medal for spending over fifty hours in community service in cleaning up Cherry Creek. Congrats!


Click on this link to connect with WASSUP via Facebook. Or email them at:

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