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OWOW Accomplishments

The OWOW Center hasn't been around very long but has achieved some major accomplishments. We don't brag very often but here are somethings worth noting...

2016 Education & Public Service Award Recipient: Tom Cech
This award is given to recognize educational individuals that have made significant contributions to increase public awareness of water resources development, use or management covering one or combination of the natural, biological, and social sciences.
University Council on Water Resources 


Circa Water 2015 Theatre award

2015 Innovative Environmental Education Program Award from CAEE
The Water Wise Circa 2015 theatre troupe received the Innovative Environmental Education Program Award from the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education (CAEE). The project was a collaboration between MSU Denver students, the MSU Denver Theatre Department, the OWOW Center, Denver Water, Aurora Water, and the City of Boulder.

September 19, 2014
OWOW received the "Partners in Change" award for Programming, Events, and Recreation at the Greenway Foundation's After Party on the Bridge.



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