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 Authorization to submit the proposal


OSRP requests that a final proposal is submitted and ready for our office to review at least five (5) business days prior to the funder’s deadline.

Internal review consists of several steps:

  • Final review of all materials by OSRP to verify compliance with both funding agency and MSU Denver policies. OSRP may identify items that need to be addressed by the PI.
  • Circulation of the electronic Proposal Transmittal Form. Once all proposal information has been entered into OASIS, the database will generate a detailed Proposal Transmittal Form for internal authorizations. OSRP will route the completed form along with an executive summary for appropriate electronic signatures, including the PI, Chair, Dean, and Provost, prior to submission. OSRP handles the circulation of the form among all the signatories. This process can take several days in order to respect everyone’s time who is asked to sign off on it. Only when all signatures are obtained does OSRP submit the proposal.