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Technology Skills Self-Assessment

The following self-assessment is designed to help you decide if you are ready to take an online course. Click the "Yes" button if you agree with the statement or the "No" button if you disagree. The results will be displayed after you click the button. This is a self-assessment so no one else will see your results.

Technology Skills and Resources

1. I have consistent access to a reliable computer with Internet access.

2. I have access to a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word).

3. My basic computer skills are very good. My keyboarding and word processing skills are proficient and I know how to save and copy files.

4. I am comfortable troubleshooting hardware and software problems on my own.

5. I have experience using Web browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Netscape Navigator) for navigating to Web sites..

6. I have used e-mail, discussion, and chat tools to communicate with others. I am comfortable attaching files and submitting them to others using e-mail.

7. I have experience downloading and installing software and plug-ins from the Internet by myself.

8. I have experience using search engines (like Google and online databases) to locate information on the Internet.

9. I am comfortable making minor configuration changes (such as font sizes, security levels, etc.) in a Web browser.

10. I have experience printing the entire page and/or selected frames of a Web page.