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Learning Skills Self-Assessment

The following self-assessment is designed to help you decide if you are ready to take an online course. Click the "Yes" button if you agree with the statement or the "No" button if you disagree. The results will be displayed after you click the button. This is a self-assessment so no one else will see your results.

Time Management Skills

1. I am able to manage my time wisely and ignore distractions when I need to study, so I am confident that I would be able to balance online coursework with my other responsibilities.

2. I am willing to dedicate the same amount of time and effort to an online course as I would to a classroom-based course (6 - 9 hours per week per three-credit hour course).

3. I have the self-discipline to log in regularly (usually at least three times per week or as instructed) to participate in an online course.

4. I am able to schedule study time so that questions for my instructor and classmates can be asked in advance of when the information is needed or the assignment is due.

Communication Skills

5. I feel confident with my ability to communicate my thoughts, remarks and inquiries in writing (in English).

6. I am willing to share my ideas and feel comfortable reading and carefully responding to the ideas shared by others.

7. If I need clarification or help, I am comfortable with asking questions of my instructor or classmates using email and/or discussion/bulletin board tools.

8. Face-to-face interaction with my instructor and classmates is not essential for quality learning to take place.

Study Skills

9. I use learning strategies (such as taking notes and reviewing them regularly) to help me remember the most important information from the course study materials.

10. I have good critical thinking skills. I can analyze class materials, develop opinions of what I've read, and communicate them in a written format.

11. I feel comfortable working as part of a virtual group (non face-to-face) to complete projects.

Learning Styles

12. I consider myself to be a highly independent learner. I am driven to learn, organized, and self-disciplined.

13. I am confident in my abilities to complete homework assignments with minimal direction and then move on to the next assignment without immediate feedback.

14. I cannot effectively follow written instructions by reading instructions from a computer screen.

15. Using technology tools that support learning is an exciting challenge for me.