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About the Ombuds Officer

G. Michael Kilpatrick, University Ombuds Officer

G. Michael KilpatrickIn 2010, the University conducted an Employee Climate Survey.  The results of this survey indicated a need and desire for a University Ombuds Office.  In 2012, the University conducted a national search for an experienced and seasoned ombudsman to open an Ombudsman office for the University and to serve faculty, staff, administrators, student-employees and those external to the University but who have business with the University.

In February 2013, Michael Kilpatrick was hired as the University’s first Ombuds Officer.  The UOO opened on March 01, 2013.

Kilpatrick brings backgrounds in medicine, law, theology and conflict resolution to the MSU Denver UOO.  He has been in the dispute resolution field since 2000 as a mediator, facilitator and ombudsman acting as the neutral in over 5,000 cases. 

Kilpatrick has been in the alternative dispute resolution field since 2000 and now enters his 14th year in this field serving as a mediator in workplace, employment, eldercare, civil-harassment and church-faith-based organizational disputes.  He has served as a classical and organizational ombudsman in quasi-government, corporate/private and educational sectors for ten years.

Kilpatrick holds graduate degrees in law (Western State University College of Law, now the Thomas Jefferson School of Law), Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Werner Institute for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at Creighton University) and Theology (The University of Oxford).

He has received over 500 hours of training as a mediator, facilitator and ombudsman from institutions and organizations such as Pepperdine University’s School of Law-Straus Institute for Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Cornell University’s Institute for Labor Relations, and the Scheinman Institute for Conflict Resolution in Employment Law Mediation, the National Institute for Social Gerontology, The National Conflict Resolution Center (basic mediation skills and Mediator Credential) as well as the International Ombudsman Association. 

Kilpatrick is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution as a Practitioner, Educator and Researcher, the American Bar Association, and an active and involved member of the International Ombudsman Association.  He is one of 100 Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioners worldwide. 

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