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ITS is in the first phase of a University-wide SharePoint implementation project. SharePoint is an online collaboration tool that is part of MSU Denver’s Microsoft Office 365 suite. It provides a wide range of functionality for teams of any size, such as, departments, committees, and work groups.

SharePoint provides many features and benefits. For example, it allows teams to:

  • Collaborate with your team at any time, from anywhere, from any device via the Internet

  • Share and co-author documents and information to reduce the risk of duplicated work and lapses in communication

  • Manage document lifecycle through a suite of tools such as version control, content approval, and records management

  • Easily search for University information such as: documents, team discussions, important announcements, lessons learned, FAQ’s, team deliverables, upcoming events, etc.

  • Create any type of information that the team uses day-to-day in a centralized location so that it can be accessed across any type of device

  • Engage with team members as well as other people you may work with on your team

  • Have full control of how information is shared and published

  • Participate in Communities of Practice/Interest to drive information sharing across the University

This is a very exciting initiative that will allow us all to work together much more efficiently.

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