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Topic Results: Castro

Nuestros Destinos: (Re)Claiming Space, Identity, Power

Symposium to highlight contemporary Manifest Destiny and gentrification in Denver’s Latino communities.

Curriculum resources for fall 2016

MSU Denver faculty members of all disciplines are invited to integrate and plan portions of their classes around the theme, Nuestro Destinos: (Re)Claiming Space, Identity, Power.

Ervin Lucero named Castro Distinguished Visiting Professor

The professorship celebrates its 18th year with the selection of the renowned musician and bandleader.

New perspective

Students visit the San Luis Valley to experience history and water policy firsthand.

Mark your calendar for the Richard T. Castro distinguished visiting professorship events

Next month, MSU Denver will host the renowned visual artist, writer and educator David Avalos.

¡Viva La Mariachi!

MSU Denver’s own mariachi band, Mariachi Los Correcaminos, is striking a chord among music lovers interested in seeing this rich Mexican cultural legacy promoted and enjoyed on campus.

Visiting Castro Professor recounts story of "Our Lady of Controversy"

Artist Alma Lopez likes to take traditional Latino cultural symbols and reinterpret them to give them a positive message. But when she reinterpreted the Virgin Mary as standing with her hands on her hips, wearing only boxing gloves and covered with roses while being uplifted by bare-breasted women, the message some people received was anything but positive.

2013 Castro Visiting Professor questions assumptions about Mexican culture

Alma Lopez, a visual artist known as the “Digital Diva” and a self-described “queer Chicana feminist activist artist,” has been named the 2013 Richard T. Castro Distinguished Visiting Professor at MSU Denver.

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