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MSU Denver harnesses ‘big data’ to help students succeed

The University is one of more than 100 institutions of higher education nationwide participating in the Student Success Collaborative.

March 10, 2015

MSU Denver is one of more than 100 institutions of higher education across the country participating in the Student Success Collaborative — an initiative of the Education Advisory Board that combines technology, research, process improvement and predictive analytics to help institutions positively inflect outcomes with at-risk and off-path students.

“It will help us to assist and advise students more effectively, and it will give us the advanced tools we need to make significant progress towards our student success goals,” said Provost Vicki Golich, vice president for academic and student affairs.

The Student Success Collaborative leverages “big data” to analyze the past decade of student performance at MSU Denver. The collaborative uses the data to identify common courses, grades and GPAs predictive of success in each program on campus, and to find pathways and support services to enable a student to be most successful. The initiative also provides information that will enable advisors to have earlier, more proactive and more data-driven conversations with students, particularly undecided students seeking a major.

In addition, as a member of the collaborative, MSU Denver has access to a collection of services — including peer benchmarking, live webinars and national student success summits — designed to facilitate cross-membership learning and best practice sharing.

The collaborative will kick off with an initial pilot group of advisors and administrators on March 12, with plans for expansion throughout MSU Denver by fall 2015.