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New military transfer credit policy rolled out

Veteran students will receive credit for service-related training.

February 16, 2015

In an effort to streamline processes, provide greater clarity for students and support retention efforts, MSU Denver implemented a new Military Transfer Credit policy that offers credit for military training. The new policy was finalized in September 2014 and approved by Faculty Senate for implementation retroactively for all current and future veteran students.

“MSU Denver remains committed to supporting and recognizing the quality learning that occurs through military service,” said Mark Potter, associate vice president for academic and civic collaboration. “National research has demonstrated that students who obtain prior learning credit have a two and a half times higher persistence rate and a faster time to degree completion.”

Before the implementation of the Military Transfer Credit policy, veteran students could obtain only elective credit for their military training.

“The new policy will have a meaningful impact for students because we are now recognizing credits that can be applied toward obtaining a degree,” said Danielle Forrest, Center for Individualized Learning prior learning specialist. “The key now is to get the word out to veteran students, so they don’t take unnecessary classes and understand the most direct path to their desired degree.”

This fall, MSU Denver had nearly 980 students enrolled who served in the armed forces. Since October, the Transfer Services Office has evaluated paperwork from 157 students interested in taking advantage of the new policy.

The package of credit and waivers are based on specific learning or training, not for experience. The Military Transfer Credit package consists of:

  • six semester hours of lower division elective credit for all students who have served one enlistment of four years.
  • six additional semester hours of upper division elective credit for students who have either served two enlistments of four years each or attained the rank of E5 (a non-commissioned officer in most branches of service) or above.
  • three credits of SPE 1010 for all students who have served at least one enlistment and attained the rank of E5.
  • Waiver of the Global Diversity requirement for all students who deployed abroad in the armed services for at least six months.

In addition to supporting veterans, the Center for Individualized Learning supports all students who seek to develop specialized degrees or obtain credit for prior learning. For more information, visit the Center for Individualized Learning website