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Knowledge is power

Being an open and honest leader can boost productivity in the workplace.

December 17, 2015

“Conventional wisdom says knowledge is power, and earlier in my career I always associated this mantra with those leaders who protected and validated their positions by hoarding and hiding knowledge from their competitors – and often their colleagues – as a power play.

But recently, this age-old adage has taken on a new meaning for me. As we’ve built our business, I’ve realized this concept, that knowledge is power, can also be interpreted and applied in the workplace in a really positive way. A happy and productive workplace is one that shares information freely to empower employees. This is a transparent workplace, one where knowledge and ideas flow in all directions so everyone has the information they need to feel truly invested in the company’s growth and success, and ultimately perform their own jobs better …”

-Excerpted from "4 Ways to Instill and Promote Transparency in the Workplace" by Sam Hodges.

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