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Courses for Non-Music Majors

Course Offerings for Non-Majors

Music at MSU Denver offers a selection of courses specifically designed for non-musicians interested in developing their appreciation and enjoyment of music. All music ensembles are open to non-majors.

Music Appreciation, History and Literature

  • MUS 1000 - Introduction to Music*
  • MUS 1050 - History of Rock and Roll*
  • MUS 3000 - Musics of America*/**
  • MUS 3020 - Jazz Styles - America's Music*/**
  • MUS 3050 - Musics of the World*/***
  • MUS 4000 - Musics of Latin America*/***

*This course meets the General Studies Arts and Humanities Requirement for all majors/minors EXCEPT Music
**This course meets the Multicultural Requirement for all majors/minors
***This course meets the Global Diversity Requirement for all majors/minors EXCEPT Music

Applied Music and Theory

  • MUS 1030 - Composing Music for Non-Majors
  • MUS 160B - Class Piano for Non-Majors
  • MUS 161A & 162A - Class Voice I & II
  • MUS 161K & 162K - Class Guitar I & II

Performance Opportunities

Music ensembles and the music theatre program are open to talented students from all departments - regardless of their major. These programs provide students from all areas of the college with opportunities for a change of pace from their regular activities by offering opportunities for personal artistic growth as participants.

MUS 3816 Early Music Ensemble
MUS 3817 String Sinfonietta
MUS 3818 Mariachi Ensemble
MUS 3819 Chamber Music † 
MUS 381A Chorale (mixed choir) †
MUS 381B Women’s Choir
MUS 381C Sound Painting
MUS 381D Men’s Choir
MUS 381E Symphonic Band
MUS 381F Wind Ensemble †
MUS 381H Symphony Orchestra † 
MUS 381I Jazz Ensemble †
MUS 381J Auraria Chorale (mixed choir) 
MUS 381K Guitar Chamber Music †
MUS 381L Piano Ensemble †
MUS 381M Jazz Chamber Music † 
MUS 381N Gamelan Ensemble
MUS 381P Opera † 
MUS 381X Percussion Chamber Music
MUS 381Y African Drumming and Dance Ensemble
MSU Denver Pep Band † (Basketball season only, non-credit, paying gig! Contact Michael Hengst

†Requires an audition, to be held during the first week of classes or as instructed by ensemble director

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