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Training Services on Campus

Site Manager Training covers the fundamental skills needed to develop web pages in the Terminal Four Content Management System.  The training, as well as associated documentation, is provided online at

Blackboard Learn is MSU Denver Learning Manager System, and  training is offered through the Educational Technology Center. 

Register as a Faculty or Staff member

  • This 2-hour session will briefly cover all basic functions of Blackboard Learn. To register for one of these trainings, please click the "Register" next to the one you would like to attend.

Register as a Student

  • Training for Blackboard Learn is also available online. If you've never logged into Blackboard Learn, please follow the login instructions for initial login. Once you log in, there is a Student Training class on the homepage in your class list.

Disability and Americans with Disabilities Act Awareness Training

Preventing Sexual Harassment

This program is licensed to The Metropolitan State University of Denver. It may be copied without limitation for instructional use by students, faculty and staff of Metro State and for evaluation by all others.

EO Search and Screening ("Charge") Training

Further Assistance


If you have additional questions, concerns, or need immediate assistance - Please contact the MSU Denver Help Desk.

Revised: April 2017

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