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Deskjet printer will not pickup paper to print

  • If the printer fails to pick up the paper resulting in a flashing light indicating a paper jam or paper out error, troubleshoot the following:

    • Make sure that the weight of the paper is within specifications for the printer. If

      the printer does not support the weight of the paper, this can contribute to the

      paper pick problem. Ensure that the paper tray is properly loaded with the correct

      amount of paper. The paper tray capacity is about .5 inch. Also make sure the paper

      is gently pushed all the way into the tray.

    • Press the form feed button on the printer; it generally has an icon of a page above

      it. Then check to see if the part of the tray closest to the pick rollers lifts the

      paper to make contact with those rollers and the rollers turn. If either of these

      actions does not occur please call the Help Desk for assistance. Otherwise, continue

      with step three.

    • Clean the paper feed rollers with a clean, lint-free cloth moistened with warm water

      only. This is accomplished by removing all paper from the tray and removing the

      output tray if any. Next, hold the cloth against one of the rollers and press firmly

      against the rollers hold on to the cloth tight so it does not get pulled into the

      printer and press the form feed or resume button if the light is blinking. If the

      light is not blinking, you can send a print job to the printer to get the rollers to

      turn and then press the form feed or resume button after that. If the printer makes a

      loud noise after doing this, then too much pressure was exerted against the roller.

      Try again using less pressure. After the pick rollers turn for a time the printer

      will again flash the light. Repeat this cleaning on all the pick rollers until the

      cloth does not pick up any more residue from the rollers.

  • Try printing again.

If issue still not resolved, please contact the Help Desk at 303-352-7548.

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