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Managing Content in the Large Medial Playlist

Select “Digital Signage” on the left navigation bar and go to “Media Playlist” and then click on the playlist you are editing.

Select the “Add Ad to Playlist” button and you will see the following screen, fill it out with the following information:

  1. Enter in a Name to organize the content
  2. Select a File to display by clicking “Select Media”. Navigate to your folder on the left and select a file from the Media Library. For instructions on how to add files to the Media Library, please visit “Adding to the Media Library”
  3. Select the time it will stay on screen (In seconds)
  4. Select the Owner (Always choose departments)
  5. Enter the Date and Time it will run from. This must be valid information or the slide will not display.


Once you have filled that out, click “Save Ad” and the image or video should show up in the “Ads in Playlist” section.

Once you are done creating slides, make sure you Publish and Save your Changes so that they are pushed out to the digital sign and display.‌

Note: These instructions work both from the Digital Signage > Media Library and from the “Select Media” within the “Adding new Slides” steps, though they may look slightly different. I have included screenshots from the “Select Media” side as it is more compact and can be done while making new slides.

‌‌‌‌         ‌


Either way, once you are on the Media Library list, it should look something like this:


From here, you should see the navigation bar on the left side. You must always select your own area, (IE: If you work in ITs, you will select the ITS folder) as content placed in other folders will not be accessible to you or your digital signs.

Once you are in your folder, select “Upload new Media”



The Upload Screen will appear, and will require this information from you:


  1. Select “Add file” and select the file from your computer
  2. Select the Business (Always choose Departments)
  3. The Resource type should automatically be selected, but verify it is correct and hit upload. You will now be able to select that media when Adding or Editing slides

Our recommendation is to use .PNG images or .WMV videos, and anything else may not work. You can convert PowerPoints to .WMV via the PowerPoint program.

To change the order that the slides appear in, there is a button at the bottom of the Media Playlist section there is a button called: “Reorder Ad”


After selecting this a new screen will pop up listing all of your currently developed Ads. The Box to the left of those ads can be clicked and dragged to reorder them:


And a highlighted area will appear to show you where it will go:

On the left side of every slide is two buttons, a paper and pen, and a red X.

The ‌ icon will allow you to make changes to any slide that already exists. Instructions for Creating New Slides should be followed.

The ‌icon will delete that slide and remove it from the playlist after a conformation prompt.

Note that any changes or deletions you make will not take effect until you Publish and Save the Changes.

Select “Digital Signage” on the left navigation bar and go to “Media Playlist” and then click on the playlist you are editing.

Once you have verified your playlist is ordered correctly and all the content is as you wish, you must publish and save your changes for them to be pushed out to the digital sign.


To do this, click on the “Publish Playlist” Button at the bottom of the Media Playlist section:


Select the content group (Should only have one option), and then “Publish”

And “Save” to Submit changes

Further Assistance


If you have additional questions, concerns, or need immediate assistance - Please contact the MSU Denver Help Desk.

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