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Computer display color is not correct

  • If the color on the monitor display is not correct or it changes periodically, you may have a bad cable connection.

  • If your PC and monitor are two separate units, there may be up to three cables coming out of the back of the monitor and two connecting into your PC.  There will be a power cable which will go into an electrical outlet, an audio cable, if your monitor has speakers, and the signal cable which is the one we want to check. The signal cable will be the larger of the two cables going to your PC.

    1. Shut down your PC. 

    2. Follow the signal cable to the CPU, loosen the thumb screws and remove the connector. 

    3. Plug the connector back in and tighten the thumb screws. 

    4. Power on your PC and check to see if the display colors are now correct.

  • If you have a Macintosh computer and it is not an iMac:

    1. Shut down your Mac and remove the power cable.

    2. Follow the cable from the back of your display to the back of your Mac.

    3. Re-seat the ADC (Apple Display Connector) by grasping the connector by the widest sides and pushing the tabs in to release the cable and pull it out.

    4. Plug the connector back in. It will click in place.

    5. Plug the power back in and power on the Mac.

    6. Check to see if the display colors are now correct.

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