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Banner Self Service Help

Banner Self Service (also known as My Services / Registration) is a multi-purpose utility for students, faculty and staff that allows them to access student and employee records, retrieve financial information, make payments, and various other services.  It is accessible through Student Hub by clicking the "My Services / Registration" tab, then clicking the first "My Services / Registration" link provided.


  • Open Banner Self Service.
  • Click on the Employee tab.
  • Click on the Pay Information link.
  • Click on Pay Stub.
  • Click on the Display button after making sure the correct year is selected.
  • Click on the correct pay period by selecting the correct dates.
  • Open Banner Self Service.
  • Click Faculty & Advisor Services Menu.
  • Click Term Selection.
  • Click the term you wish to access and click the Submit button.
    • Note: When an instructor submits a grade, the grade will show on the CAPP report and Enrollment Verification, though the students GPA will not reflect the grade officially until grades are rolled. This is especially important to remember when advising students.
  • Click the class you wish to grade and click the Submit button.
  • Click the arrow in the Grade box for the student you wish to grade and click the grade you wish to assign. Only the grades for the class and students that are allowed will appear.
  • Click the Submit button at the bottom at least once every 30 minutes to save your entries. THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT OR ELSE YOU WILL LOSE YOUR ENTRIES AND HAVE TO START OVER! After you click the Submit button you will receive another 30 minutes. Check all grades before you click the Submit button. You MUST assign a grade or grade notation (I) for each student.

Print a copy of your submitted grades

  • Print the Summary Class List (E-Rosters) for each class by clicking the printer icon on the top Menu bar (you will use less paper than printing the Final Grade Worksheet (E-Grades).
  • Click CRN Selection at the bottom of the page to select another class to grade.

Navigation hints

  • Use Return to Previous to go backwards. Do not use your browser’s Back button.
  • Use Select CRN at the bottom of the Final Grade Worksheet (E-Grades) to access another class.

Advanced E-Grade features

  • Click the name of a student to access the student’s address and phone number
  • Click the title of the course to view a list of all class sections with the same title for the semester.



If you are prompted to enter your PIN in Banner Self Service, most often this means your session has timed out; closing and re-opening Banner Self Service should allow you back into the system.  However, there are some instances (e.g. getting a printable W2) where you must enter a PIN to proceed.  Follow the steps below to retrieve your PIN:

  • Select the second option you are given, "One of the following applies to you:".
  • Enter your 900# and birth date in ‘mmddyy’ format, as specified.
  • Confirm that you have read and agreed to MSU Denver's Responsible Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.
  • Click Submit.
  • Your PIN will be given at the bottom of the list as the "My Services / Registration PIN".
  • Go to the Student Hub.
  • Click on Register.
  • Enter your NetID and Password when prompted.
  • Select the Term you want to register for.
  • If you know the CRN(s) of the course(s) you want to add, you may enter it in the blank fields at the bottom of the page and click Submit. Otherwise, click the Class Search link at the bottom of the page to enter the course catalog for your selected term. When you have found your desired course(s) and it has slots available, you can check a box in the leftmost column, then click Register.

When registering for classes, you may find you cannot register for certain classes; when this occurs, you may encounter the system message "Registration Add Error". This can often mean there is a hold or restriction on your account, and you will not be able to register for that course until the restriction is lifted. For more information about registration holds, please visit the following website:

Further Assistance

If you have additional questions, concerns, or need immediate assistance - Please contact the MSU Denver Help Desk

Revised: April 2017

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