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Mathematics Minor

A minor in mathematics teaches logical reasoning and analytical skills.  Employers in business, science, technology and government sectors need problem-solvers who understand data and can apply mathematical modeling and data analysis to improve business decisions.

A major that requires a minor in mathematics can specify the courses for such a minor, and the total hours required may exceed the 22 hour total listed below. Please consult the listings included with those majors.

Students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in all MSU Denver courses counted in this minor. Students should note that programs differ in the minimum grade required.


Mathematics Minor Requirements

(Computer Science majors must complete a specific set of courses for their required math minor.  See Computer Science Major for details)

(Be sure you are in your declared catalog when reviewing the requirements for the minor.)

  1. Fill out the Declaration of Major/Minor Form located at 
  2. Print the form and get all required signatures from the appropriate faculty advisors.
  3. Return the form to Academic Advising in the Student Success Building, Suite 160, Counter #3.
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