Asked and Answered

Alums credit MSU Denver with helping to accelerate their careers.

Publish Date: February 17, 2015

Metropolitan Denver Magazine Fall 2014

We Asked:

How did your MSU Denver education prepare you for success
following graduation?

You Answered:

My education at MSU Denver was based on real-world experience lived by the professionals who taught my classes, not untested theories found in textbooks. I was working full time while finishing my degree, so the combination of relevant course work and a class schedule that accommodated the career I was building was crucial to my success. MSU Denver gave me a solid foundation of skills and real-world knowledge that accelerated my career.

I began working as business manager at Greystone Technology Group upon my enrollment at MSU Denver in 2006. By 2014, I was promoted to vice president of business operations. I can’t imagine having achieved so much in such a short amount of time had it not been for the opportunities and experiences MSU Denver allowed me.

Byron Williams,
B.S. management ’08

December 18, 1989, I passed my last final exam at Metro State. We didn’t have a fall commencement, so I participated in commencement the following May. I got my degree in accounting, and thanks to the outstanding education I received, was able to pass the entire CPA exam in a single sitting.

The 25 years have passed so quickly. I am retired now, but I just want to say, the wonderful career I enjoyed and the great retirement I have today are all tied to one thing: that degree I got from Metro State, graduating when I was 42 years old. “Lives Transformed” is the best way to describe my experience at Metro State, because our entire family has benefited and continues to benefit daily from the terrific career I gained thanks to Metro State.

Logene Fowler-Williams,
B.S. accounting ’89
(submitted via Facebook)