The Advice

Reset expectations to manage your time from the inside out.

By Victoria Lynn Hannu

Publish Date: January 30, 2014

Have you ever had days when you were in the zone and accomplished more than you intended?

On the flip side, have you had days when nothing seems to go your way and you can’t seem to get in the zone no matter what you do?

Whether you get in the zone or not depends on your expectations and what you think it means about you if you don’t meet them. This is your personal pressure cooker. Here are steps to help you keep your perspective, manage your time and turn the pressure cooker off.

HAVE A PHYSICAL OR ELECTRONIC CALENDAR. The calendar should have enough room for appointment details.


SET ASIDE TIME FOR YOU TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. If you don’t do it, who will?


TEST YOUR CALENDAR TO SEE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU. Be creative and try different combinations of time. Keep in mind your own natural rhythms and use them to your advantage.


ALLOCATE ENOUGH TIME FOR YOUR “TO DO” LIST. When you give yourself inadequate time to accomplish a task, you set yourself up to not meet your commitments to yourself. Unrealistic deadlines are a major form of self-sabotage and stress.


NOTICE YOUR TIME WASTERS. Procrastination and avoidance keep you from moving forward in your life. Over-scheduling is a time waster, too. Delegate where appropriate.


IF IT FEELS DIFFICULT, STOP. When you are struggling with a task or activity, it is time to stop, give it a rest and come back to it later.


BE YOUR BEST FRIEND. Put your negative self-talk to rest.


HONOR YOUR TIME. Your time is as important as anyone else’s.


Victoria Lynne Hannu (B.S. computer and management science ’84) is an entrepreneur, CEO, executive coach and facilitator. She takes a highly innovative and integrated approach to business and organizational development by approaching brand and culture alignment from the inside out.

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