Dani (Rickert) Korth

Concentration: Event Management; Graduated: 2011

Publish Date: June 23, 2015

Dani Korth knew she had a passion for party planning but had no idea how that would translate into an academic program or career. So, she started Googling.

“I noticed that there was a theme

of ‘hospitality’ whenever I searched the various terms of what I wanted to do,” she said in an email. “Once I put two and two together, I looked into what Metro had to offer, because I was already enrolled there and it turned out they had a really great program for just this!”

As a Hospitality, Tourism and Events student with an event- management concentration, Korth took classes that involved setting up exhibits and planning a golf tournament and other events. “We got a lot of hands-on opportunities that a lot of people don’t get in college these days,” she said.

“Plus it was a program where you really get to know your fellow students. These are the people who are going to be your colleagues, the people you are going to work with and help you in your job in the future.”

Korth logged plenty of on-the-job experience during her years at MSU Denver, which helped her hone in on aspects of the events industry she liked best. A six-month stint as a guest service agent at a hotel downtown convinced her that hotels weren’t for her. A job as an assistant at the Colorado Society of Association Executives exposed her to the world of nonprofits. And a freelance gig as the special events coordinator at The Melting Pot restaurant gave her a taste of the food and beverage industry.

But it was her internship at the Denver-based meeting- planning company Kinsley where she found a launch pad for her career. As a meeting architect for Kinsley, she works with clients from all over the country, managing small events to 1,500-person meetings.

“All the professors come from industry,” she said of her experience at the University. “And they are willing to use their contacts to get you into the industry and make introductions. They fully prepare you so you have contacts and not just a degree.”