The Race

Assistant Professor of Aviation and Aerospace Science races again.

By Brett McPherson

Publish Date: June 25, 2014

 Tanya Gatlin (left) and Daily Davies. Photo: Evan Semón

You could say that the sky’s the limit for Assistant Professor of Aviation and Aerospace Science Tanya Gatlin (B.S. aviation management ’96). In 2013, she and aviation student Daily Davies—pictured here with a World War II-era Stearman biplane—flew in the Air Race Classic (ARC), a four-day, cross-country competition for female pilots. The duo finished a respectable 28th out of 49 initial entries. The tradition of women’s air racing started in 1929, and today the ARC aims to encourage and educate women pilots and preserve the tradition of pioneering women in aviation. Gatlin will race again this year, teaming up with experimental aircraft pilot Gayle Schutte. The ARC provides “an amazing amount of flying in an incredibly short amount of time,” says Gatlin. “It’s also a ton of fun.”