Asked and Answered

Two alums and a current student share how MSU Denver transformed their lives.

Publish Date: October 23, 2015

Magazine Cover Summer 2015
Metropolitan Denver Magazine Summer 2015
I have retired from a successful career as a forensic psychologist after 30+ years with the Texas State Department of Health Forensic Psychiatric Hospital Division. I owe my success to the faculty of Metropolitan State University of Denver and the learning experiences I had there and in the Denver metropolitan area during my years attending MSU Denver.
Michael R. Van Winkle 
B.S. psychology ’73
A huge advantage to going to MSU Denver is the proximity within Denver. MSU Denver’s campus can be said to be the whole city of Denver. The student experience has plenty of options for individuals to grow and to expand knowledge about themselves and others. My favorite part about earning my degree from the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences [was] the people, hands down. The individuals I was blessed to meet in CAS helped guide me to success ... The teachers, advisors and faculty were absolutely outstanding. The help [I received] and the leadership displayed in the department was a true blessing to my collegiate career – I owe them so much, I feel a “thank you” won’t do it justice. I recommend MSU Denver for anyone. In my experience, MSU Denver is a great learning environment. 
Michael Ronnebaum 
B.A. speech communication ’15 
My life has changed tremendously since I transferred to MSU Denver four years ago. I connected with [the College Assistance Migrant Program] my first year at MSU Denver. After a few years, I looked into joining the Urban Leadership Program. This program gave me the opportunity to connect with students from diverse backgrounds [who] had similar aspirations as I did. I became involved with Operation: Youth Empowerment, the Hispanic Scholar Fund and the Latino Student Alliance … Now, I’m the vice president of MSU Denver’s Student Government Assembly. This opportunity has opened my educational experience in a way I never thought possible. Becoming involved in the SGA, I have been exposed to various [types of] community engagement that directly impact [my education] … What motivates me is the experience MSU Denver is providing me.
Marketing major Jackie Maldonado
Anticipated graduation in spring 2016