The Truck Stop

Students' mobile boutique totes local trends.

By Reeanna Lynn Hernandez

Publish Date: September 4, 2013

Fashion Truck
Husband and wife Adrian and Desiree Barragan, both MSU Denver
students, launched the Denver Fashion Truck, a mobile boutique.
Photo: Jessica Taves

Vintage vogue meets a vehicular venue in the Denver Fashion Truck. The new mobile boutique is the ambitious creation of husband and wife Adrian and Desiree Barragan, both MSU Denver students.

“We’ve always wanted to do a retail space,” says Desiree Barragan. “I’m an independent fashion designer and he’s an artist. We wanted to just take that on the road.”

Taking it on the road is exactly what they did. Mobile boutiques are one of the newest creative innovations in the fashion industry, and the Denver Fashion Truck is no exception.

Their mobile boutique is unique in Denver. The inside of the truck has a modern feel while remaining true to a classic boutique atmosphere. Locally designed, handmade works of vintage fashion and art are placed throughout.

“It’s something we’ve always liked to do,” says Adrian Barragan, 36. “Before all this we were doing trunk shows for places like Fashion Denver, where we’d set up at market booths and sell our art and fashion. We like to go around to boutiques and shop and enjoy local things. That’s why we wanted to focus on selling local designs from local artists.”

Although their passion is evident, pursuing their love of fashion and design hasn’t been easy. Adrian, a communication design major, and Desiree, a marketing major, spent the spring semester balancing school, family and business.

“It’s been really hard,” says Desiree, 35. “We’ve been trying to focus on our classes, while starting up our business, while raising our daughters.”

Despite the struggle, Adrian says being a college student has been worthwhile

“MSU Denver has really given us the opportunity to network,” he says. “Desiree is in marketing so she knew a whole different language than I did when it came to marketing a business. I also took an entrepreneur course that really gave me perspective. Ultimately, the award is what gave us the momentum we needed as we prepared for the launch of the business.”

The award he refers to came from the University’s Center for Innovation. Last spring five MSU Denver student-entrepreneurs were honored for business innovations. Adrian was named Entrepreneur of the Year for the creative concept of the Denver Fashion Truck.

“Mobile is a market that allows people to showcase their talents who would otherwise be unable to because of the sometimes outrageous costs of a retail space,” he explains. “It’s the same with the trend of food trucks. There are a lot of really talented chefs who simply couldn’t afford a retail space. By no means is it easy, but it makes starting a business a little more feasible.”

“Our hope is that it will bring inspiration for other people to do mobile,” says Desiree. “We love the idea of people being able to showcase what they are most passionate about. That is our hope for our boutique.”