The Conversation

Readers weigh in on transformations, both large and small.

Publish Date: September 4, 2013

We Said:

In our inaugural issue, we explored the theme of transformation through the lens of MSU Denver. We considered topics like the University's new strategic plan as well as controversial topics such as a special tuition rate for undocumented students. We learned more about a historic Denver neighborhood's transformation by flood. You shared thoughts on everything from our redesign to your concerns about America's immigration debate.

You Said:

Applause for our makeover

My congratulations to the new Metropolitan Denver Magazine. As an affiliate faculty member in philosophy since 2007, I look forward to learning how the University will grow and influence the greater Denver community. In my role, I seek to equip students in critical thinking skills, give them an awareness of the history of important ideas, and help them develop rational expression in writing and speaking. All of these are necessary to a well-educated person seeking success and personal transformation. —Douglas Groothuis

I want to join the conversation. This new Metropolitan Denver Magazine is awesome. It has great stories, and the artwork and photography are just beautiful. I want to be in it or on the cover some day. What can I do to support the mission? —Travis Luther (B.A. behavioral science ’08)

Taking issue with immigration 

I attended MSU Denver while working between two and three part-time jobs to earn my degree. I taught in the Adams County School District #50 for 27 years. I used to enjoy your magazine but since the stance of the state of Colorado and your stance concerning illegal immigrants has transformed them to undocumented “residents,” I am no longer interested in receiving your magazine. Illegal is illegal, and enough is enough. Please take me off of your mailing list immediately. —Bob Carabello (B.A. history ’75)

I have just received my issue of the new magazine. I am thunderstruck at what is inside the cover! I am well aware that Senate Bill 33 passed and was signed into law, giving “undocumented immigrants” a new lower tuition rate. What caused me to be thunderstruck are the stories about several of those students. I don't speak lightly about this subject. Most of us have our ancestry elsewhere. Some of my own ancestors immigrated into this country from Poland and Russia LEGALLY through Ellis Island in 1894. I deeply resent the opinion expressed by the new magazine that these undocumented immigrants are where they belong at MSU Denver. I assert that to be nonsense. These people are here illegally, albeit not of their own volition. They should not be deriving benefit from their illegality; they should have to answer for it. In this case that means going back to where they have legal citizenship and applying for immigration through the U.S. Consulate or Embassy in their country of legal residence. For MSU Denver to champion these people’s status is absurd, and I protest! —Thomas McIntosh (B.S. computer information systems ’98)

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