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History of Continuing Education at MSU Denver

Metropolitan State University of Denver and community education have always gone hand-in-hand. During the mid-1970’s, before MSU Denver even had a campus, it had a continuing education program known as “Learning for Living", which provided short-term, not-for-credit, community classes. Unfortunately, its initial iteration was short-lived. 

In 2015, continuing education returned to the campus when Dr. Mary Ann Watson, an original “Learning for Living” faculty member and Department of Psychology Professor, along with Dr. Joan L. Foster, Dean of the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, sought to undertake a venture that would become known as “LearnOn.” A fan of lifelong learning, Dr. Watson strongly supported the return of a continuing education program to the University and in spring 2015, she got her wish!

From humble beginnings, LearnOn has become an integral part of the MSU Denver Alumni Relations program, where it has found tremendous success. The number and type of course offerings have significantly increased over the last 2 1/2 years, with the hopes that the program will only continue to grow and improve!

MSU Denver and LearnOn fit together perfectly to support lifelong learning and enrich the lives of all who seek continuing education in the Denver Metro area!

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