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Social and Behavioral Sciences II Student Learning Outcomes

(3 credits)




2. Demonstrate the ability to locate sources when information is needed, and to evaluate the authenticity, validity, and reliability of resources applied to a specific purpose.

Research skills: ability to locate, organize, and evaluate a multitude of sources

Ability to assess source materials and their suitability for targeted application

6. Analyze texts, sources, and argumentation, identify cause and effect relationships and recognize fallacies of argument.

Analytical skills

Critical thinking

Qualitative reasoning


Problem solving

Creative thinking

7. Use and document sources and evidence in an ethical manner.

Demonstrated excellence in source documentation

Professional behavior*: knowledge of ethical practices for source documentation and regulation

Research and communication skills

Critical thinking

18. Describe human behavior and the scope of human diversity using analytical methods appropriate to the field. (SBS II)

Descriptive, field-specific, and general analytical skills

Ability to analyze field data

Knowledge of human diversity