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Arts and Humanities Student Learning Outcomes

(6 credits)




2. Demonstrate the ability to locate sources when information is needed, and to evaluate the authenticity, validity, and reliability of resources applied to a specific purpose.

Research and source evaluation skills

Knowledge of library, database, and information systems

Ability to assess source materials and their suitability for targeted application

Ability to locate, organize, and evaluate sources from a range of locations

Media literacy

3. Create persuasive and well-reasoned arguments that are appropriate to topic and purpose.

Critical thinking

Creative thinking

Written and oral communication skills

Ability to formulate and support an argument

Ability to solve problems

Ability to develop persuasive strategies

Leadership skills

5. Communicate in writing with an awareness of audience, by using language conventions appropriate to the occasion and task.

Communication skills

Inter-personal skills

Cultural competencies

Leadership skills

12. Identify important examples of texts, creative works, artifacts, or problems in the discipline including the cultural context.

Ability to organize problems and information specific to job field or task

Cultural competencies

Perceptual skills

Strategic planning

13. Analyze texts(s), artifact(s), or problem(s) using a point of view informed by the critical or aesthetic perspectives appropriate to the discipline.

Analytical skills

Critical thinking

Creative thinking

Qualitative reasoning

Apply field-specific theoretical knowledge