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CLAS Academic Advising

If you are interested in making an advising appointment, please contact the Academic Advising Department. You may also get in touch directly with one of the advisors below.

CLAS Academic Advisor and Retention Specialists 

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Please note that the Dean's Office does not house any advisors. If you are unsure of where to go for your appointment, use the information below, and if you have any questions, you are welcome to call the Dean's Office main line at (303)615-0600.


Tracy Anderson - ENG, PSC
Location: King Center 464
Phone: (303) 615-1305

Karen Becker - EAS
Location: SCI 2016
Phone: (303) 615-0775

Samantha Borrego - AAS, CHS, SOAN
Location: CN 304
Phone: (303) 615-1692

Heather Collins - ART, MUS, THE
Location: AR 286
Phone: (303) 615-0307

Paul Encinias - CAS, MATH/CS
Location1: CAS - CN 120
Location2: MATH - SI 1032
Phone: (303) 615-0385

Matthew Forcella - PSY
Location: Plaza 220 AH
Phone: (303) 615-0422

Anna Hegedus - ART, MUS, THE
Location: Arts 187 H
Phone: (303) 615-1412

Bradley Jacobson - MATH/CS
Location: AES 200 BB
Phone: (303) 615-0653

Natalie Keller - BIO, CHEM
Location: SCI 3058
Phone: (303) 615-0283

Jennifer Kilian - BIO, CHEM
Location: SCI 2068
Phone: (303) 615-1002

Carmen Madrid - HIS, MDL, PHI, WMS
Location1: HIS - CN 211
Location2: PHI - CN 303
Location3: MDL - Plaza 360
Phone: (303) 615-0784

Michelle Ruiz - BIO
Location: SI 2068
Phone: (303) 615-5462

Greg Singer - PSY
Location: Plaza 220
Phone: (303) 605-5726

Chivonne Torres - EAS
Location: Plaza 2028
Phone: (303) 605-5967


[Note: Some of the advisors above have more than one location, based on the subject of study the student is pursuing. If you are meeting with one of the advisors above with a rotating location, please do not hesitate to call them prior to your appointment to double-check the location.]

Photo by Daniel Gonzalez on Unsplash

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