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Technical Communication Minors

Digital Media

This minor is designed to provide skills that will increase employment opportunities in the field of digital media communication. In addition to required core courses, students choose one of the following concentrations: motion media, interactive media, content design or still media. The motion media concentration deals with television and corporate video production, while students in interactive media work with computer graphics, interactive applications and web-based media production. The content design concentration focuses on the design of the message from the visual and written perspective. Still media students explore with photography, photojournalism, and computer imaging.

24 Credit Hours

Digital Media Minor 2016-17 

Advisors: Professors Amend, Jennings, Ortiz

Technical Communication

The Technical Communications minor is designed to provide additional skills that will increase employment possibilities for the student majoring in a scientific, technical or media-related disciplines. In addition to the core courses, the student selects five courses that may be in one of the specialized areas or may be divided among the areas offered by the Technical Communications department to provide an overview of the discipline.

24 Credit Hours

Tech Com Minor 2016-17

Advisor: All TCM faculty