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Information for Employers

Photo of a student and employer in a Chiropractor's OfficeEmployers provide a valuable extension to the learning experience of a college student. MSU Denver is commnitted to partnering with local profit and non-profit organizations to benefit students and the community.  You are important to us. Let us know how we can serve you better.

Is an Intern a Good Fit for Your Organization?

Our Getting Started Video is an introductory overview for employers interested in an MSU Denver intern.  Also, Please read the Employer Expectations to determine if having a MSU Denver intern is a good fit for your organization.

Help to Pay for your Intern

Certain non-profit organizations may qualify to use student work-study financial aid award money to pay their interns. See Work-Study Information for Employers for information.  

Procedures for Intern Recruitment

  1. Fax, mail or e-mail an internship announcement to our office. You may send us your own job description, or use our Internship Proposal Form. You may also call our office at (303) 615-1333 and speak with an Internship Coordinator.

  2. Your position will loaded into our database, TIP Online, and students in the appropriate majors will be given access to your posting; it will also be posted on bulletin boards throughout campus. Your direct contact information is not provided on the internship postings.

  3. Resumes and other application materials of interested students will be sent directly to your email address.

  4. You make the determination as to the candidate's suitability for the position. Due to privacy laws, our office is limited in the information that we can provide about the student. Therefore, we encourage you to interview the student and to conduct such background and reference checks as necessary. Please phone or e-mail the student directly to arrange an interview.

  5. Let us know when you fill the position so we can close the position announcement. If you have selected an MSU Denver student we will work with the student for academic credit, if applicable.

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