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What are Internships?

Internships enhance your education through work experiences related to your academic major or minor.  The Applied Learning Center provides resources to help you find an internship.  Once you have an internship we can assist in the process of getting academic credit or transcript notation. 


Call 303 615-1333 or stop by Ste. 325 Admin Building to register for an orientation.  In an hour and a half, you will learn about ways you can build your resume through experience.  We will introduce you to our programs including our internship database, TIP Online.

Student Testimonials
Check out what students are saying about their internships!


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TIP Online:  Our Internship Database Log in to TIP here

TIP (The Internship Program) Online lists a wide number of internship positions for many different majors.   For access to TIP Online:

1.  Call 303 615-1333 and schedule an orientation.  Once scheduled, you will be given a login and password.

2.  Upon login, agree to the Guidelines and Agreements by initialing the required statements. At this point you will see internship opportunities, but you will not be able to apply for them yet.

3.  Watch the Resume Video and TIP Tutorial Video.

4.  Attend your scheduled orientation.  Once you have attended, you will have full access to TIP and you can begin applying for internships.

Alumni Advisor Program

MSU Denver alumni are willing to mentor and advise current students!  Register at and gain access to former Roadrunners who will provide career advice, review your resume, or conduct a mock interview. This is a free service to current students. 

Student Testimonial

"The Applied Learning Center has opened numerous doors for me.  I have pursued three internships through the program. As I am approaching graduation, I feel much more equipped for whatever jobs may come my way. The Applied Learning Center helped me to navigate the ins-and-outs of internships from building my resume to applying for academic credit.  My internships improved my technical skills and my soft skills.  I gained mentors who helped me to clarify my career path.  I gained professional references.  But best of all?  I gained friendships.  My internships not only provided insight into my future career path but also to who I am as a person and employee.

Kate West, MSU Denver Student