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Credit Courses Toward Degrees

Innovative and Lifelong Learning offers online and face-to-face credit courses that can be taken alone or on your pathway to a degree and regardless of the method of course delivery, the curricula and degrees are equivalent and classes are taught by MSU Denver’s outstanding faculty.

Self-Paced Online Courses

woman sitting on bench using laptopFully accredited self-paced online (SPO) courses offer a flexible alternative to traditional classroom and online course formats.  Marrying the best of content and technology, SPOs are designed to fit your busy schedule.

  • Work independently and at your own pace from course material provided in Blackboard.
  • Set your own schedule with no fixed assignment deadlines or class meeting times.
  • Register for courses mid-semester (does not apply to financial aid eligible sections).
  • Select 21-week or 6-month completion period for Fall and Spring semesters (based on financial aid options).
  • All Summer semester classes are eligible for financial aid, and have a 12-week completion period.

For more information about SPO courses, refer to Frequently Asked Questions

 View the current Self-Paced Online course schedule:

Face-to-Face Courses

student smiling in computer labMSU Denver's South Campus offers evening and weekend classes designed to fit within your life.  You will have access to computer labs, free parking, RTD Light Rail, and qualified faculty and staff dedicated to serving your needs and those of our community.

Computers at the MSU Denver South Campus are networked to the Auraria campus and offer an extensive selection of software with access to the Auraria Library catalog (Skyline) and other databases.

View Innovative and Lifelong Learning’s complete class schedule: Summer/Fall 2019 South Campus Class Schedule

Courses Offered

We offer a wide range of classes across disciplines, including general studies, liberal arts, and a wide selection of business courses.

View Innovative and Lifelong Learning complete schedule of classes: Summer/Fall 2019 South Campus Class Schedule

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