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Internship Practicum

The Industrial Design Professional Internship provides an opportunity for senior students to gain experience under the guidance of an industry professional. The degree-required course, entitled IND 4960: Professional Internship, requires students to complete a total of 150 hours during the semester in a placement relevant to the practice of Industrial Design (Senior Experience). If a student wishes to do their internship at a site where they are currently employed, the ID Internship must differ from their normal work activities and students must complete a project above and beyond their usual job requirements.

Registering for the Professional Internship course, IND 4960, requires students to meet periodically with the assigned instructor to report on progress, to share concerns, and to ask questions. Although the IND department may share information regarding available internship opportunities with students, it is the student’s responsibility to secure an internship that appeals to him/her and will help fulfill their long term design learning/educational goals. 

Prerequisites: satisfaction of all Level I and Level II General Studies course requirements, senior standing, and completion of IND 4450: Advanced Industrial Design Studio.

Internship Provider Packet

Internship Student Packet 

Internship Weekly Report Sheet

Workers Comp Procedures-Provider List 2017

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