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Department Policies

Advising: Department policy requires all Industial Design majors to meet with a faculty advisor each semester, prior to registration, until IND 2450 - Beginning Industrial Design class is completed. A department (IND Adv/Portfolio) hold will be placed on a student's account, preventing them from registering for classes, until advising has been completed.

Declared Industrial Design majors are assigned a full time faculty advisor within the department when they start our program. Each faculty advisor is available to assist students with advising issues related to the IND major during their posted office hours or by appointment. A master list of assigned advisees is kept in the department office in the Aerospace & Engineering Sciences Building, room 200A. We strongly encourage you to speak with your faculty advisor before taking courses as well as throughout your studies! Feel free to visit our office, call 303-615-0599, or contact your faculty advisor directly for an appointment.


Material and Computer Labs, Design Studio, and Photo Studio: The labs are essential components of the Industrial Design department and because of liability issues and lab support costs, laboratory equipment is for the use of students currently enrolled in and paying tuition and student fees for IND classes for which labs are a requirement. Students not currently enrolled in IND courses or alumni who have graduated with an IND degree wanting to use IND labs must get prior approval from the Chairperson to work in the labs. Under no circumstances are non-active IND students, non-IND majors, or alumni allowed to use IND power tools even if access is approved.  Click IND Lab Policies and Procedures to view the full list of department lab and studio policies.


Portfolio review: All students majoring in Industrial Design are required to submit a portfolio, for review by the faculty, after completion of IND 2450 - Beginning Industrial Design Studio and all prerequisite courses. Passing the portfolio review allows access to the upper division studio courses. These courses are definitive to Industrial Design graduates and require a passing portfolio before they can be taken. This process is required for NASAD accreditation and helps control the quantity and quality of the program’s graduates for the benefit of the profession. Click Portfolio Review to download more information regarding the screening requirements and process.


Test challenge of courses: Only IND 1450 - Industrial Drawing and CAD is open to test challenge. Contact the instructor of this course if you wish to test challenge the course. Copies of the University policies relevant to test challenge are available online or at the department office in the Aerospace & Engineering Sciences Building, room 200A.


University Academic Policies

Students are responsible for full knowledge of the provisions and regulations pertaining to their program contained in the University catalog and elsewhere. Students have final responsibility for completing the requirements for a degree and are urged to seek advising. Students should never assume that they have approval to deviate from a stated requirement without a properly signed statement to that effect.

For information regarding MSU Denver’s academic policies, please visit University Policies.


Campus Policies

MSU Denver is located on the Auraria Campus, which is also home to the University of Colorado Denver and the Community College of Denver. The Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC) oversees the shared services of the Auraria Campus. For information on campus policies, visit the AHEC policy website.

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