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Undocupeers Training

September 27th 2019, 11-4pm, Tivoli Building room 440/540


This training and workshop is a 4-hour program developed by United We Dream and adapted to our campus by the MSU Dreamer Network. The training intends to raise awareness and educate about the realities, challenges, and resources available to undocumented students nationwide and on the MSU campus. UndocuPeers intends to provide information to begin or continue conversations on how to better support and work alongside undocumented students. It is centered on professional development and provides an opportunity to hear from an underrepresented student population whose voice often goes unheard. For more information, please contact Samantha Borrego (, Gregor Mieder (, or Ariadna Ochoa ( 

Save the date flyer for the Undocupeers training in 2019

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