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Fire and Emergency Response Administration

MSU Denver is one of only a few college and university programs in the country to carry the "Certificate of Recognition" from the National Fire Academy-Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education for every FESHE course offered by the university.

Fire and Emergency Response courses at MSU are part of a nationally standardized curriculum based on the National Fire Academy-Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) Model Curriculum and are intended to meet higher education criteria set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC). 

LogoThe mission of the MSU Denver Fire and Emergency Response Administration (FERA) degree program is to promote higher education and to enhance the value of the fire and emergency response professions in order to promote a safer community and to reduce the loss of life, property, and the number of physical and emotional casualties from fire and other life-threatening events.

In Spring of 2013, FESHE students at MSU Denver organized the "MSU Denver Fire and Emergency Services Club." The club, and their logo, have been approved by the university and the group has already made a significant impact on the metropolitan Denver community.  Students in the Community Risk Reduction course organized an activity to provide a hands-on learning experience for residents of two apartment buildings. Most of the residents were refugees and few spoke English. The students, with faculty supervision, used fake blood to demonstrate how to stop bleeding, and used mannequins to demonstrate CPR and then let the participants practice the techniques.  In the basement of one of the buildings, students donned full firefighter turnout gear so that the residents could see what a firefighter looks and sounds like under fire conditions. The residents (adults and children) were taught to "Get Low and Go" and crawled on the floor through a door and exited the building. Finally, small aluminum pans containing diesel fuel were set on fire. Students demonstrated the correct use  of a fire extinguisher and the residents were able to have the opportunity to use a fire extinguisher to put out an actual fire.

The Fire and Emergency Response Administration Major supports the overall MSU Denver mission in the following ways:

  • High-Quality Education: Educational coursework is based on research-based, best practice models to provide Fire and Emergency Response Administration majors with opportunities to broaden their understanding of the fire and emergency services within the information age in order to contribute to their academic and professional development while encouraging lifelong learning and contributing to the diverse communities to which they will belong to and serve. A focus on excellence in learning is one of the key features of this major.
  • Successful Careers and Employment Opportunities: This program prepares students for successful entry into a career in the fire and/or emergency services or a related emergency response-related career field. The classroom provides students with an opportunity to network with other students and professionals currently working in the field, and the faculty is comprised of professionals who not only are scholarly in their particular field of study, but also have significant hands-on experience and/or are currently working as firefighters, fire officers, fire investigators, or other first responders.
  • Community Engagement in Application of Knowledge: This program engages the community through a number of service-learning opportunities in which students combine their time in the classroom with field experiences in which they interact directly with the community in a variety of settings with a number of our community partners that include fire and emergency awareness exercises, arson investigation, the American Red Cross, the Center for Excellence in Aerial Wildland Firefighting, and many of the metropolitan area fire departments.
For more information about the FESHE coursework at MSU Denver contact Brian Bagwell at 303-352-7172 or Kevin Hammons at 303-556-8474.

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