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Human Services Certificates

The following certificates are available through the Department of Human Services:

The 16-hour Certificate of Completion in High Risk Youth Studies is a comprehensive learning opportunity for anyone who wishes to learn about current prevention, intervention and treatment practices for high risk youth in a wide variety of practice settings.

Ms. Annie Butler is the main advisor for High Risk Youth Studies.

In order to qualify for the Certificate of Completion in High Risk Youth Studies, you must complete an application verifying 600 hours of clinical or volunteer experience working with youth at risk. You must complete each course in the certificate program with a grade of “C” or better.
Required Courses:

HSP 3230 High Risk and Offender Youth Credits 4
HSP 3260 Systems Serving Youth Credits
HSP 3490 Multicultural Issues in Human Services Credits 4
HSP 3590 The Resistive Adolescent Client Credits 1
HSP 4540 Youth, Drugs, and Gangs Credits  2
A 3-semester-hour elective in a related subject area to be selected by the student in consultation with Annie Butler.* 3
Total hours for certificate 16

*Note that CJC 3350, Juvenile Justice and Delinquency, is recommended.  However, other courses may be included as part of the certificate of completion as relevant to your needs, career goals and interests.

Are you a working professional or non-degree-seeking student who may or may not have a baccalaureate or master’s degree, or training in the administration of nonprofit organizations? This certificate of completion is intended to provide you with additional knowledge and skills in nonprofit management.

All courses within this certificate can be applied toward the completion of the Human Services major.

Please note: if you are a degree-seeking MSU student, the minor in Nonprofit Studies is a better educational opportunity for you.

Ms. Kelly Felice is the main advisor for Nonprofit Studies minor.

HSP 2010, Principles of Nonprofit Organization Administration, is the prerequisite for upper division nonprofit classes so take this class your first semester in the program.

Some of the nonprofit classes are offered only in the fall or spring semesters, so it’s important to plan accordingly. All classes have English 1010 and English 1020 as prerequisites.

Required Courses:

HSP 2010 Principles of Nonprofit Organization Administration 3
HSP 3000 Community Change in Human Services Credits 3
HSP 3210 Organizational Stability for Nonprofits (Spring) 3
HSP 3510 Development and Administration of Volunteer Programs (Fall) 3
HSP 3610 Financial Accountability in Nonprofit Organizations (Spring) 3
HSP 3810 Fundraising Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations (Fall) 3
HSP 4030 Grant Proposal Research and Writing for Nonprofit Organizations (Spring) 3
HSP 4310 Human Resource Development in Nonprofit Organizations (Fall) 3
Total hours for certificate 24

In order to qualify for the Nonprofit Studies Certificate, you must be first be accepted as an MSU Denver student. While enrolled in the certificate program, you must also complete a minimum of 150 hours of volunteer experience in a nonprofit agency that applies the skills learned in the classroom. If you can demonstrate that you have at least 500 hours work experience in a nonprofit organization, paid or unpaid, this requirement may be waived. You must complete each course in the certificate program with a grade of “C” or better.

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