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Can I do a Practicum/Internship out-of-state or abroad?


To do a field placement out-of-state, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Have completed all prerequisites for the course
  • Have a grade point average of 3.0 or above
  • Ask for a recommendation from a full-time department faculty member

How to apply

Write a letter to the field coordinator that includes:

  1. Contact information (such as phone and email and student ID number) 
  2. The name of the faculty member providing a recommendation
  3. A rationale for doing an out-of-state placement, including how such a placement meets your educational/career goal
  4. A plan for the placement, including location, agency, mission and description of agency, supervisor’s name
  5. Contact information for the supervisor and agency

 Attach the following to the letter:

  1. Resume
  2. Current CAPP report

The chair, field coordinator and a member of the field faculty will review the request and send the response via email. The field coordinator may request a meeting prior to the final review of the request. If the request is approved the student must meet with the seminar instructor prior to leaving town to discuss the placement. Generally, students who opt to do a placement abroad or out-of-state will have the field coordinator as seminar instructor.

Any student approved to do the placement outside of the United States, must register with the MSU Denver Study Abroad Advisor and show the Human Services Department documentation that you have completed all paperwork required by the Study Abroad Office and have purchased study abroad insurance. Study Abroad has a mandatory orientation session you must attend. Out-of-state placements will not have access to Worker's Compensation or liability coverage from Metro.

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