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Field Experience

What is "Field Experience?"

­The field experience lies at the heart of the human services curriculum. It gives you the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills you’ve gained in the classroom in a real world setting. Also, you can begin to develop a professional network and gain experience to include on your resume. For those of you who have not worked in Human Services, the field experience is your entrance to the professional field and can open doors to future job opportunities. In the Department of Human Services, we use many different terms that may seem confusing at first! When we discuss ‘field classes’ we are lumping the practicum and internship experiences together. The Practicum, you first field course, is called HSP 2080 and is an 8-credit class. The Internship, your final class at MSU Denver and the senior experience for HSP majors, is listed at HSP 4790.

This page should answer most of your initial questions about the field experience. Contact our field coordinator, Angela Furney ( for more information and to discuss your plans for your field experience! It is never too early to sit down with her for advice.

Students complete a minimum of 21 credit hours of field experience coursework. This includes:‌

  • 1-credit Pre-field Seminar, HSP 2070
  • 8-credit Practicum, HSP 2080
  • 12-credit Professional Internship, HSP 4790

Students in Addiction Studies complete a second 8-credit Practicum to complete the field hours necessary to qualify for CAC Level I.

Careful reading and understanding of the HSP Field Manual is the most important preparation you can do for the field experience.

The information provided here on the website does not include all the details you need to know for the field experience. Please download and read the field manual if you have further questions: January 2018 Student Field Manual or January 2018 Supervisor Field Manual

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