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Leading Without Formal Authority

with Lisa Earle McLeod, Elizabeth McLeod, 1:05:00.

Leadership isn't just a skill for managers. Demonstrating leadership is important for employees at every level of an organization. There are opportunities to lead every day, whether you hold a formal leadership position or not. In this course, leadership and personal development experts Lisa Earle McLeod and Elizabeth McLeod outline how individual contributors or subject matter experts (SMEs) can exhibit leadership by influencing, inspiring, mentoring, and motivating others. They also help you overcome unique challenges such as how to communicate when you think your boss or team is headed in the wrong direction.

Topics include:
  • Listening mindfully
  • Being a mentor
  • Inspiring others
  • Asking for and giving feedback
  • Leading in high-stakes situations
  • Learning continuously
  • Building trust

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Academic Impressions

MSU Denver has partnered with Academic Impressions (AI) to offer training and professional development specific to higher education, rooted in practical application and delivered by vetted experts. The topics are needs driven and based on research with practitioners in the field. All employees at MSU Denver have free access to most of their live and recorded webcasts. 

Academic Impressions Learning Highlight

Identifying and Removing Microaggressions

with Dr. Myron Anderson and Dr. Kathryn Young, 1:45:00.

Microaggressions don’t necessarily reflect bad intent but can still be very damaging. Therefore, it is important to proactively identify and address microaggressions within your department and your institution before they become a problem. Properly spotting and removing these challenging statements and actions can improve your campus climate while reducing absenteeism, turnover, and employee complaints.

This online training focuses on how you can proactively identify and remove microaggressions from your institution. In our first session, we will work toward understanding different types of microaggressions that are common in higher education and understanding what fuels these behaviors. During our second session, you will be introduced to a framework for removing implicit bias and microaggressions from your environment.


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  8. Once you are logged in, click ‘Training’ in the top menu, then select ‘Included with My Membership’ in the filters along the side of the page. From there you can also select ‘Webcast Recording’ or ‘Live Webcast’ also in the filters on the side of the page.

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