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In accordance with the Metropolitan State University of Denver 2002 Grading Policies Handbook, the HTE Department has established the following grading policies for all HTE Department courses.


Instructors do not "give" grades; they assign the grade, which the student has earned based on the student's attendance and completion of all assigned work and examinations. Only the instructor of the course assigns grades for the grade earned.

MSU Denver NC (No Credit):

The No Credit (NC) notation is not a grade. It may indicate withdrawal from the course or course repetition. In order to earn credit, the student must register for and pay for the course in a subsequent term.

The following minimal requirements are required throughout the college for all departments and faculty. The "NC" notation shall be available to students in all instances through the fourth week of classes for fall and spring semesters. Requests by students for an "NC" notation in a given course shall not be granted after the tenth week of the fall and spring semesters. Proportional time frames are applied for modular courses, weekend courses, workshops and summer semester.

In addition, it is the policy of the HTE Department to grant an "NC" notation to any student during the first ten week period provided the student submits the "NC/Withdrawal" form to the instructor for signature at least two days prior to the deadline for submission of the form to Admissions and Records. Specific dates are published in the MSU Denver Class Schedule for each semester under "Registration Dates/Deadlines".

MSU Denver I (Incomplete):

The Incomplete (I) notation may be assigned when a student is unable to take the final examination and/or did not complete all of the out-of-class assignments due to unusual circumstances such as hospitalization. Students who regularly fail to attend classes, take exams, and complete assignments will receive only an "NC" notation, if requested before the deadline, or a letter grade.

Students are not entitled to an Incomplete (I). It is granted only in true hardship cases, and at the discretion of the instructor.


Tests, quizzes and other examinations are to be taken on the scheduled day for the exam as established by the instructor. To be permitted to make up a missed exam, students must request of the instructor to do so in advance of the scheduled date. Missed exams must be completed within one week of the assigned date to receive credit for the exam.


When a qualitative (letter) grade change is necessary, the change must be made in the Office of Admissions and Records by the instructor of the course for which the grade change is requested. Grades may be changed on the basis of an error in evaluation, computation, or transcription.

Grades may NOT be changed on the basis of revised evaluation, a new examination, or additional work undertaken or completed after the final grade report is submitted to Admissions and Records.

A request by a student for a letter grade change must be made to the instructor within the first two weeks of the semester following completion of the course, and will be granted at the discretion of the instructor.

Please see the latest edition of the MSU Denver STUDENT HANDBOOK for details of the Grade Appeal Process.

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