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Health Data Science explores health data to improve patient care outcomes and much more

Health Data Science Infographic

Health Data Science InfographicHealth Data Science InfographicHealth Data Science Infographic

More Information About Our Health Data Science Certificate

Health Data Science is a field that focuses on applying information science methods to analyze and understand health care information, to progress from raw data to knowledge for improved decision-making and care delivery.  Health Data Science uses interactive data analytic tools to explore large sets of health data to improve patient care and outcomes, improve effectiveness and efficiency of health operations, decrease costs and risk, and manage the health of populations.

What is the Certificate?

This certificate program is being offered to individuals with a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree. The curriculum is generally built around the skills needed to pass the Certified Health Data Analyst certification from the American Health Information Management Association (“AHIMA”). More on the credential can be found at

What is required?

This certificate program consists of six, three credit courses. Assessments in this certificate program will not be just the traditional quiz or test, but instead will be a practical application of a given skill such as a statistical analysis or a database query that returns specified row details.

Participants will have the option of testing out of HCM 3010 and HCM 3600 in the course list below.  HCM graduates from MSU may be granted credit for these courses if they have already taken those courses.  The courses in the certificate are:

HCM 3010 Health Care Organizations 3 credits
HCM 3600 Health Information Systems 3 credits
HCM 3830 Analytical Methods in Health Data 3 credits
HCM 3840 Statistical Methods in Health Data 3 credits
HCM 3850 Database Systems in Health Care 3 credits
HCM 3860 Health Care Business Intelligence 3 credits
  Total   18 credits

Prior MSU Denver HCM graduates need only take the last four courses (HCM 3830 | HCM3840 | HCM3850 | HCM3860) if they have already taken HCM 3010 and HCM 3600.

HCM dataHow Do you Enroll?

If you have graduated from MSU Denver sometime in the last three semesters, all you have to do is contact the registrar to get a Major/Minor/Certificate declaration form.  Fill it out indicating that you want to complete the Health Data Science Certificate and you are set to enroll in classes.

If it has been more than three semesters since you graduated from MSU Denver or you have never attended MSU Denver, then you will need to submit an admissions application indicating your intent to complete the Health Data Science certificate, and submit a transcript to confirm your post-baccalaureate status.

Once you are admitted you will receive a welcome packet with information about the program including who to contact for specific needs. In the meantime, you should then be able to register for classes through the Student Hub. 

When are the Courses Available?

All six courses - HCM 3010 | HCM 3600 | HCM 3830 | HCM 3840 | HCM 3850 | HCM 3860 - will be available each semester.






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