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Image: house on Auraria's 9th Street Park during Springtime / Text: Registering for Classes? Look under our new major Gender, Women, and Sexualities Studies (GWS)

The mission of The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy (GITA) is to serve as a hub for transformative education, programming, and advocacy on issues of gender equity and social inclusion. We aim to provide academic and holistic support for students targeted by sexism and other intersecting oppressions.

Our office is unique in that we offer both academics (one major and two minors), as well as direct services to students. The academic program within GITA identifies and critically examines systems of power utilizing intersectional and transnational frameworks that allow for self-reflection and active engagement in social change. Students may elect to major in Gender, Women, and Sexualities Studies (GWS), or minor in Gender Studies or Sexualities Studies. Several GWS courses are offered for General Studies course credit, Multicultural course credit, and participate in Guaranteed State Transfer.

The services arm of GITA empower students, staff, faculty, and community members by providing access to information and resources to meet the needs of a diverse student body. Through our collaborations across campus, we offer programming that encourages engagement in critical dialogue and advocacy for social justice.

At GITA, we are committed to inclusive excellence in academic programming and services. All genders are welcome!



We hope you’ll join our team! Starting pay is $11/hour and is open to all MSU Denver students, particularly those with a special interest in advocacy and activism. Vacant student staff positions include: 

  • Front Desk Assistants
  • Scholarship Tutor
  • Events Assistant

For more information and to apply, visit the Student Employment Portal. Questions? Give us a call at 303-615-2052!

GITA Spotlight

Lowrider car pinata at the Pachucos y Sirenas Exhibit

Take a peek at this article featured in the Westword and written by our Associate Director, Eneri "Netty" Rodriquez! The article highlights Museo de las Americas' newest exhibit, Pachucos y Sirenas, which takes the audience on a nostalgic journey through Chicano history. The exhibit includes works about Caló, the slang that has shaped how Chicanos in the Southwest speak Spanish today, as well as rebellion and cultural pride. It explores the boundaries that Latina women push to reclaim their sexuality and individuality. Pachucos y Sirenas is also about the zoot suits and other fashion that came with that rebellion.

Article: Pachucos y Sirenas Looks Back at 1940s Chicano Counterculture


Featured Faculty

Linda Meric, affiliate faculty member

Check out this article by our very own affiliate faculty member, Linda Meric! As the Executive Director of 9to5 - a National Association of Working Women - she's answered countless calls about sexual harassment on their Job Survival Helpline and has hosted workshops about sexual harassment and the abuse of power for thousands of Coloradans. This worthwhile read details her hopes to change workplace and social culture so that all women feel safe and empowered to take action!

Article: "Why Women Often Haven't Reported Sexual Harassment"


Our Partners‌   ‌

Partner Logos: National Women's Studies Association, American Association of University Women, Laboratory to Combat Human Trafficking

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Summer 2018
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