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FYS Travel Awards

First Year Success Travel Awards

Up to $1,350 per award.

Four grants of $1,350 will be offered each semester for a total of $5,400 during the 2017-2018 academic year. 


Faculty Travel Description

First Year Success supports relevant professional development opportunities for faculty and staff working with the program. In particular, we would like to encourage faculty to pursue the scholarship of teaching and learning and to disseminate their findings as it relates to their experiences teaching in the program. FYS believes that travel should enhance faculty development for all those who teach in the first year, and that it should be part of a broad platform of professional engagement at the University.

Applications will be accepted for the following types of professional development travel:

  • The presentation of a paper or workshop at a professional conference. The presentation should be directly relevant to one’s work with First Year Success, in or out of the classroom.
  • Presenting as part of a roundtable session at a professional conference on matters related to First Year Success.
  • Presenting in a poster session at a professional conference on one’s work with First Year Success in or out of the classroom.
  • Professional development that will enhance your work with the First Year Success Program. If, for example, you have never attended the annual Conference on the First Year Experience and Students in Transition, we suggest you consider it.

Please Note: For presenters, the published abstract should refer specifically to First Year Success at Metropolitan State University of Denver, or where this is not practical (as in a joint roundtable with people from other institutions), your name line indicates affiliation with the First Year Success at MSU Denver.

Applicants must demonstrate in their applications how the professional development opportunity will benefit students in First Year Success and be willing to consider sharing their presentation with members of the MSU Denver community at events or programs sponsored by First Year Success.

Travel Schedule

You may apply for funds before your conference proposals have been formally accepted but final funding may be dependent upon those results. The maximum amount of funds available to any single applicant will be $1,350. FYS encourages collaboration between our program and academic departments to fund travel opportunities that exceed this budget; the FYS staff is dedicated to encouraging equitable opportunity for professional travel for all faculty who teach in FYS.

FYS Travel Grant Application

Proposals for Fall and Spring 2017 will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until funding is exhausted.

A subcommittee formed by faculty and staff from the FYS team will review mini-grant proposals within one week of submission and announcements of awards will be made immediately thereafter.

Grant Proposal Evaluation

For review, proposals will be assigned points (1-5) for the following:

  • Explicit connections with First Year Success. These connections should be apparent in the title and description of the proposed travel plan and targeted learning outcomes for the experience. Whenever possible, demonstrate connections to your FYS course by explicitly connecting the travel plan to your syllabus, or by connecting the anticipated benefit of the travel plan to future FYS teaching experiences.
  • The proposed travel plan supports a program of professional development that may continue to faculty retention, tenure or promotion for full-time faculty, or to the retention and prolonged contracting of Category II faculty.
  • Proposed activity supports the FYS mission.
  • The proposed activity supports FYS program outcomes

Post-travel Report

FYS asks that grant recipients submit a post-travel report that documents and assesses the outcomes of the travel experience and details how grant funds were spent. The post-travel report is due no later than one month after travel occurs. Applicants who fail to turn in the post-travel report will not be eligible for future funding.

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