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FYS Co-Curricular Mini-Grants

First Year Success Co-Curricular Mini-Grants

Up to $1000 Available for Each Event
$3,000 will be awarded each semester for a total of $6,000 during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Both Faculty and Staff Eligible to Apply



One way to enhance the college experience of our students is to offer a variety of creative and engaging learning opportunities. We believe that activities that occur outside the classroom that are fundamentally interwoven with classroom content and methods provide a rich platform for both cognitive and personal development.

Co-Curricular Event Impact

Co-Curricular Mini-grants can support activities that pertain to a single FYS course or to a wider range of FYS students. Events may be scheduled for fall or spring semesters, and the event does not need to occur in the semester during which the faculty member applies for funds.

Individual FYS Course Activities

Up to $500 may be awarded to pay for activities such as museum entry fees, tickets to cultural events, and guest speakers.

Broader Programmatic Activities

Up to $1500 may be awarded if the mini-grant will fund an event that is open to all FYS students across all FYS courses. Examples include workshops, cultural celebrations, or guest lectures.

First Year Success invites faculty to consider ways in which we may unite our talents and resources in the development of co-curricular events. We envision a range of opportunities both on and off campus that demonstrate collaboration between FYS and academic departments and that support contribute to FYS mission and/or program outcomes and overall student success. The FYS program mission and outcomes can be found here.

Interdepartmental Collaboration

Learning opportunities are often enhanced when faculty collaborate with on-campus entities to broaden horizons and maximize resources. The following is a list of potential on-campus partners who may be interested in working with faculty to organize and orchestrate events. FYS encourages faculty to reach out! 

  • Student Academic Success Tutoring Center
  • Writing Center
  • Access Center
  • Office of Career Services
  • Applied Learning Center
  • Center for Urban Connections
  • Center for Urban Education
  • Institute for Women’s Studies and Services
  • Center for Visual Art
  • Counseling Center
  • Academic Advising
  • Campus Recreation
  • LGBTQ Student Resource Center
  • Student Activities
  • Student Media 

Separately or in conjunction with the FYS Co-Curricular Mini-grant, faculty may also wish to consider applying for Diversity Initiatives program funding through the Office of Institutional Diversity in the President’s Office. Please consult their website for further details here.

FYS Co-Curricular Mini-Grant Application

Proposals for Fall and Spring 2017 will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis until funding is exhausted.

A subcommittee formed by faculty and staff from the FYS team will review mini-grant proposals within one week of submission and announcements of awards will be made immediately thereafter.


Grant Proposal Evaluation

For review, proposals will be assigned points (1-5) for the following:

  • Explicit connections with First Year Success. These connections should be apparent in the title and description of the event, targeted learning outcomes, and promotional materials. While the event may be made open to all MSU Denver students, it should be clear in all materials, including advertising, that it was both specifically designed for first year students and how it supports the success of first year students.  If possible, demonstrate connections to your FYS course by explicitly connecting the event to your syllabus. Any marketing materials, programs, or syllabi should indicate sponsorship by First Year Success.
  • Department-Program collaborations.
  • Proposed activity supports the FYS mission.
  • The proposed activity supports FYS program outcomes


Post-event Report

FYS asks that grant recipients submit a post- report that documents the number of FYS students, faculty, and general attendees, assesses the success of the event, and details how grant funds were spent. The post-event report is due no later than one month after the event occurs.  Applicants who fail to turn in the post-activity report will not be eligible for future funding. 

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