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About - Co-Curricular Activities

First Year Success Co-Curricular Activities

Want to get involved on campus with community service projects? Want to attend workshops that will help created productive habits for the rest of your life?

These are the kinds of opportunities students receive while participating in the First Year Success program.

First Year Success puts on a variety of co-curricular events, that cater to a wide range of topics to help students connect to the campus. These events involve elements such as why choosing a major early is beneficial, or giving students opportunities to join others on campus in a community service opportunity. All co-curricular events are put on to help students achieve success in the first semester of college and beyond. These events also allow students to connect with their peers, and help them learn about clubs and resources that are sometimes difficult to find on a commuter campus. Co-curricular events allow students to make their time on campus both beneficial and fun! 

Interested in attending one of our events?  Check out the event calendar for the latest information!

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