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A History of Success


the reason i am a part of this program...

Over the past twenty-one years, MSU Denver's Family Literacy Program has generated positive results for hundreds of children in Denver's most economically disadvantaged communities. Teachers and principals report increased parent volunteerism, better teacher-parent communication and improved child behavior and attendance. But the true measure of any literacy program is its impact upon the lives of those in need.

Meet Alma. When Alma started with the Family Literacy Program at age three, she was extremely shy and her verbal skills lagged behind those of her peers. Her mother wanted to help her, but stated that she lacked self confidence and wasn't sure how to teach Alma the basic things a child should be learning at this age.

The program has helped Alma and her mother express themselves more effectively and interact more with others. Alma is able to pronounce words more clearly and her mother is now more sure of herself and aware of activities to undertake with her child.

Meet Juan. Before his family joined the Family Literacy Program, 4-year-old Juan rarely spoke; he used only gestures to indicate what he wanted. Although he was in speech therapy, Juan did not appear to be making any progress. The speech therapist said Juan's mother needed to work with him, but she was frustrated and ashamed because she felt that she didn't know how.

After joining the Family Literacy Program and doing daily activities with his mother, Juan began to show progress. After approximately two months, he began to talk and to name objects. Now when the Home Visitor comes, Juan greets her verbally and enthusiastically, and asks about the stickers she brings to the visits.

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For more information:

For more information please contact the Metropolitan State University of Denver Office of Development - 303.556.8424


Program Contact Person:

Dr. Adriann Wycoff, Director

Phone: 303.556.2142


Quigg Newton Community Center:

Phone:  303.458.8063
Fax:  303.455.6646

Physical Address:

4440 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211

Mailing Address:
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Family Literacy Program
Campus Box 41
PO Box 173362
Denver CO 80217-3362


The Family Literacy Program is an initiative of the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at Metropolitan State University of Denver.