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How to Accept Federal Direct Loans

Students must accept their initial loan award via the Student Hub. When accepting an initial loan offer, you may accept the entire base loan amount or a partial amount of any loan that is "Offered" to you.  

Borrow Responsibly! Information on loan limits, tracking your debt, repayment options and other resources pertaining to your student loans can be found here.


If you decide later that you would like to request an adjustment to the amount of your loan, you will be able to use the links provided below to request additional funds you may be eligible for, or to request a decrease or cancellation.

If you have rejected your loan and would like to have it reoffered, please contact our office.


To request an increase, decrease or cancellation to your Federal Direct Loans

For 2018-2019:

Complete the Federal Direct Loan Adjustment (FDLA) form.

  • Requests can be submitted more than once.  However, if you have already submitted a FDLA, it must be processed before you can submit another request.
  • Loan requests will be based on your total Cost of Attendance.  Any changes to your enrollment may affect your loan eligibility.
  • You may submit a request for the entire year (Fall/Spring) or for the current term.